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1. How write hibernate criteria for specific SQL?    stackoverflow.com

i need write similar SQL by ICriteria: Tables: 1Lvl -- 2Lvl -- 3Lvl SQL:

WHERE 2Lvl.1LvlFK in
    SELECT 1Lvl.Id

    FROM 3Lvl 

    JOIN ...

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I have this method, receive a list of integer, and must return an Collection of EmployeeComments, the problem is I don't know how take each result of the criteria and Add ...

3. Return TSubType from nhibernate QueryOver    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to select the children from a parent collection using QueryOver in nhibernate. This is what I am trying to do in HQL:

SELECT as_kitten FROM Cat as_Cat 
JOIN as_Cat.Kittens as_kitten ...

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I have used both NHibernate Futures and NHibernate CreateMultiCriteria in the past to batch sql queries. Are there any reasons why I would want to use one or the other. ...

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I have a simple many to many relationship set up between tasks and tags. A task may have many tags and a tag may be assigned to many tasks. I use ...