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1. 4 object heirarchy with where criteria on 4th object - HQL?    forum.hibernate.org

We have an object heirarchy that looks like this: Order - contains a set of... OrderItems - each OrderItem contains (has an association with) a... Unit - each Unit contains (has an association with) a... Product - Products have a property called... SKU The applicable sql tables/colums for this are: orders.OrderID orderitems.OrderID (fk to orders.OrderID) orderitems.Unit ID (fk to units.UnitID) units.UnitID ...

2. criteria.add(example) / ... where {1=1}    forum.hibernate.org

Query By Example not working consistently (for me!). I am reverse engineering from DB schema. The first code-excerpt works but the second one doesn't work as I would expect. EXCERPT#1: Works Code: acc = new TAccount(); acc.setDeletedFg('N'); // this is a char in the generated DTO ...

3. where restriction not propogating to isEmpty criteria expres    forum.hibernate.org

Criteria criteria = getSession().createCriteria(Media.class); Disjunction or = Expression.disjunction(); or.add(Expression.isEmpty('producerRels')); // more experssions criteria.add(or); criteria.list();