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2. which jar contains

Thats not a spec, thats a code sample how to generify parts of your code. You can use do it the same way. And by the way... The complete code of the HibernateDAOFactory class is right there in the sample. Everything you need to understand the concept shown there is on the linked page.

3. Base class for hibernate DAO class

you may want to consider holding off on HQL unless it is a really complex query. querying by Class is good because changes in the domain model are caught during IDE refactors/and mistakes are caught at compile time. in other words, when User is changed to Client, you are less likely to catch that w/ "from User" .

4. Nested classes as a DAO pattern?

I was curious what the opinion was on using nested classes as a dao pattern. Tell me if you shriek in horror at this idea. To me it seems appealing, especially when using a generic base dao (which I am assuming here are also following this nesting convention). This appeal could very well be due just to me dislike of many ...

5. Do we really need a set of DAO classes?

All of the Hibernate and J2EE books that I've seen seem to recommend a layer of DAOs where each DAO has an add, update, delete and one or more query methods for a certain object type (i.e. business object) for a J2EE web application. Any reason not to make one set of add(), update() and delete() methods on a class named ...

6. Generic DAO class feedback

Newbie Joined: Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:46 pm Posts: 4 I came from the world of C++ so my knowledge in Java is not perfect... Using Hibernate with MyEclipse its create for each POJO also a Dao object. I thought to create generic DAO object and use it instead of all the specifics objects, sow the samples using templates, but I ...

7. DAO classes and Hibernate