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1. Java EE and struts and JSP: java form population - action bean etc

HI everyone. ISSUE-

Error populating in /member/cvUpload javax.servlet.ServletException: BeanUtils.populate
I am working on a opensource wep app, and trying to teach my self some skills by adding new functionality. Now The ...

2. HOw to send form parameters to dao in struts2 with hibernate?

Hi, By implementing Preparable,ModelDriven,ServletRequestAware interfaces,am able to get the form details and sent those details to service implementation layer from an action class.From service implementation i have called dao.Since DAO is not injected any where in struts.xml,its throwing nullpointerexception.I have used only hibernate.Is it required to use springs inorder to inject dao?Or,can I inject using hibernate and struts2 alone?? And ...