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1. DAO generation with POJO and hbm.xml

I have my POJOs and hibernate mapping xmls with me. With these how do i generate DAOs? Can you please help me with a plugin in eclipse or any other relevant methods? ...

2. generate DAO Class from hibernate

Thanks for the help. I tried MyEclipse. It created the DAO files .But while running the Application i am getting an hibernate session error and the session error is removed when i delete the mapping file from hibernate.cfg.xml file. But the mapping to database is lost there. Result is output is nil

3. Hibernate, Middlegen generated code, and DAO pattern

My question is about best practices for using Hibernate in Java applications and the DAO pattern. I jumped into a project that had some classes that another developer generated using Middlegen (MG). So, we have a DB and a mapping between DB tables and Java classes using Hibernate. What I want to know is: What else do I need to write ...