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1. Datatypes returned from avg in HQL (+ NullPointerException)

Hibernate version: 3.0.5 Name and version of the database you are using: Derby, Postgres, SQLServer We're using Hibernate 3.0.5 and need to support different database platforms (presently Derby, Postgres and SQL Server). Ideally this should require no code change. We've had great success with Hibernate, but have found some issues with reporting aggregate queries. We want to perform some reporting queries ...

2. NUll pointer Exception while inserting null value to Boolean

Hi i m getting NUll pointer Exception while inserting null value to Boolean field of place in one-many relation . the following is the stack trace, i m using database:Oracle9.2. DEPOSIT_YN VARCHAR2(1 BYTE), is field in Database. in pojo it is Boolean class Object. plz help me. Country.hbm.xml

3. NullPointerException using BLOBs with DB2 (Hibernate EJB3)

When trying to read a entity containing a BLOB from DB2 I get a NullPointerException. I haven't quite narrowed the exact size limit down, but it's about at 1MB. Content smaller then this barrier and there is no problem. My guess is that this is some strange driver issue, but searching the web has not produced any results. Using the same ...