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1. GenericJDBCException in HSQL    stackoverflow.com

I am having an entity called ProdTransaction. I am saving two records of type ProdTransaction. Both the two inserts succeeds when run independently. I mean

tranDAO.save(record1) //alone works
tranDAO.save(record2) //alone works
but together running ...

2. Failing Hibernate-Unittests with HSQL-DB 1.8.0    forum.hibernate.org

Hello, I'm the developer of the VJDBC-Proxy-Driver which can be used as a client-server bridge for JDBC-Datasources. Beside my own tests I always use the extensive Hibernate-Unittests for the verification of my driver. I'm currently getting the following results from the Unittests of 3.1-RC1 using HSQL-DB 1.8.0_2 (in-memory-db): Tests: 815 Failures: 26 Errors: 11 Success rate: 95.46% Now when I use ...

3. calling native db;s proprietory function: hsql SCRIPT    forum.hibernate.org

I am using HSQL DB and perform backups in my application automatically by calling the SCRIPT function. I can't figure out how to do this in hql. I have tried using createSQLQuery but that requires adding an entity so it doesn't seem to work. The command you execute for this is just: SCRIPT 'backupfilelocation' Is there anyway to do this?

4. HSQL db    forum.hibernate.org

Hi! I need some help with hibernate and hsqldb. I'm trying to save some data, but it seems that the insert data isn't written into the script file of my hsqldb. I can read from the db without a problem, so the mapping seems to be ok. When I add a Question object, it is displayed (second part of the code), ...