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Newbie Joined: Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:49 am Posts: 2 Hi, My application has to switch the database connection dynamically whenever i change the ipaddress and the database name.The following code works fine when i create the session factory using ClassPathXmlApplicationContext. My application context file looks like this. Code:

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Hi, that's not very hard. just avoid writing native SQL queries, but always make use of Hibernate's HQL or criterias to make sure you can switch the dialect. Otherwise make sure your SQL is really standard and cross-database compatible. Also avoid using special primary key identifiers which are supported only by some databases (e.g. if you select "sequence", the model will ...

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4. Switching between databases    forum.hibernate.org

Greetings. I have several databases with identical schemas. According to the Hibernate FAQ I need to configure a SessionFactory for each of these databases. However, loading mapping files is quite a lenthy process, so the approach that my colleague was using was to alter hibernate.connection.url at run-time. He was replacing the current database name with new one he needed to use ...

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