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1. Backup a database using JPA

I'm working on a database backup engine using JPA. Everything is working fine but I'm having issues figuring this issue. I know is related to how I defined the Entities. First here's ...

2. How to backup database to disk using JPA?

Which query to write in JPQL for backing up database on disk? If in JPQL it's not available even native sql query will do. Also, i would like to bring one issue ...

3. Backup a database using JPA (Design)

I have a working code that doesn't work always. Here's my approach: Creating the backup

  1. Create Entity Manager for source database
  2. Create Entity Manager for destination database (embedded Derby Database)
  3. Copy entities (Select all entries ...

4. Hibernate and DB backup or archiving

5. Database Backup

I was wondering if there is a way to backup a mysql database through hibernate. What I want to be able to do is use the web application to make a call to the database to create a database backup file then upload it to my local computer [i.e. mysqldump?]. Is this possible? Thanks in advance! B

6. how to take backup of database using hibernate