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1. How to manage XmlType on H2 database    stackoverflow.com

I use H2 Database for my unit tests. In my application, I have an Entity object called FooXml defined like that:

@Table(name = "T_FOOXML")
@SequenceGenerator(allocationSize = 1, name = "S_FOOXML", sequenceName = "S_FOOXML")
@NamedQueries( ... ...

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I migrated my application from grails 1.0.2 to grails 1.3.5. Since then i am facing issues while executing some of the existing database queries. The data base used is H2. Following error is coming while attempting the following query" "appointment = AuditAppointment.findByAudit(currentAudit) " org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Parameter "#1" is not set; SQL statement:select this_.id as id573_0_, this_.version as version573_0_, this_.appointment_address_id as appointm3_573_0_, this_.appointment_contact_id ...

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