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1. Reading an entire database with Nhibernate

If I use HQL I am able to query the entire system with this:

session.CreateQuery("from System.Object")
But then I just get all objects in a list, are there any way similar to this to ...

2. ClassCastException when reading database in hibernate

Hi all, I'm getting an exception when trying to query the database and I really don't know why. Here's the trace : java.lang.Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: fr.synapture.model.planning.Vacation fr.synapture.dao.GenericDAO.findByCriterion( fr.synapture.dao.VacationDAO.findAllVacations( fr.synapture.service.VacationPeer.findVacationBySiteEmployeeAndSchedule( ... I think the problem comes from the criteria I have defined because I need to check something about the time slot of a vacation : protected static List getSameIntervalCriterions(Schedule sched, Class c) ...

4. Problem in reading the value from the database with Hibernat

Hi, can u exactly tell me what is myAccount. According to me it should be a single object or list of object. In case of list of object, In jsp you hav to iterate this object e.g (

5. read-only database

6. Hibernate not reading the database

I am having trouble with Hibernate reading an Oracle database table. I have created a sql script to create and populate a table that will be used to configure my software. While testing to see if Hibernate will get any data from the table, I have noticed that if I input data into the table using hibernate, I can get this ...

7. How to read hibernate db configuration from external file

Hi at all. I'm a new user of hibernate and I'm trying to deploy my first application. Everything work in Eclipse, but when I try to simulate an installation on a customer pc the first question that I have in mind is: Is there a way to read configuration file hibernate.cfg.xml from file system instead of read it from the classpath? ...

8. limit db access to read-only

9. Can hibernate read the database dictionary?

Hello everyone, If I do not know the database structure, Can I use hibernate read the database dictionary? I want to read the tables' name and fields' name. Does anybody know how can I do this, thanks. And I find the following code, but the table iterator is empty(In fact, there are three tables) Code: ...