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I have a single user java program that I would like to have store data in a light weight database such as Derby or Sqlite. I would like to use a ...

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I'm configuring JPA to work with SQLite db, with hibernate as the provider. I map a single pojo to a table, no fk's,just plain simple for now. I'm using a SQLDialect ...

3. Is there any JPA implementation work well with Sqlite database?    stackoverflow.com

As far as I know Hibernate doesn't work very well with sqlite, due to the lack of official provided "SqliteDialect". Is there any other JPA implementation works better with it?

4. Does Hibernate for SQLite support envers?    stackoverflow.com

So I want to use sql lite in my new project. Also I wish to use envers. I wonder if hibernate for sql lite supports envers. Does it?

5. Hibernate + enabling SQLite Pragmas to gain speed on Windows 7 machine    stackoverflow.com

Used software:

  • hibernate 3.6
  • sqlite jbdc 3.6.0
  • java jre 1.6.X
I have a problem with transferring data over a tcp connection ( 20 000 entrys )
  • create a sqlite database with the help of ...

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i use a SQLite with Hibernate and get following Exception. Can it be that i want to store too much data? Is there any limit for data size? Aanybody knows the ...

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Hello Community, used Software: - hibernate 3.6 - sqlite jbdc 3.6.0 - java jre 1.6.X i have following problem: - We transfer data over a tcp connection ( 20 000 entrys ) - we create a sqlite database with the help of hibernate - we use hibernateview and hibernate annotations to create querys - hibernate proberties are also used - storing ...

8. How to use Hibernate with SQLite and Java?    forum.hibernate.org

Hi I am planning to use Hibernate with SQLite for an J2EE (JSF) based project. Could anyone throw some light on whether or not SQLite is supported by Hibernate? I found NHibernate supports it but all what I found is for .NET. Does NHibernate support Java based applications? if yes, any pointers? Thanks in advance.

9. Using Hibernate+SQLite    forum.hibernate.org

Hi greetings from argentina I'm trying to use SQLite+Hibernate+Spring, but i can't find info about using hibernate+sqlite, only tips about nhibernate+sqlite can be found at hibernate.org :(. is somebody trying to integrate them? must be a dialect defined? or am i such a looser to get info ?? :P if a Dialect must be defined, were can i get some tips ...

10. SQLite for hibernate    forum.hibernate.org

11. Does hibernate supports sqlite database in java    forums.oracle.com

Not as far as I can tell, but that's not conclusive. NHibernate appears to support SQLite, but I can't find a SQLite dialect for Java Hibernate. Does it need to be SQLite? Hibernate does support Derby and HSQL, both of which are light and embeddable and good alternatives to SQLite if you can manage the change If it must be SQLite, ...