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1. JPA/Hibernate - Default data

When I have create-drop set as hbm2ddl I want the app to also insert some default data. Is it possible to somehow write some extension to JPA or Hibernate that can do ...

2. Insert default data in the db with hibernate

Hi, i need to insert a default set(a set of INSERT INTO) of data at every first start of the program(before the creation of the db), with the same modality of hbm2dll update mode.(If is the first start of the database i need to execute the INSERT INTO statement, through hibernate,otherwise the program must not do the INSERT). This is possible ...

3. Configure default Datatype Mapping

4. Using Table Data Default

Hi, my table foo has some columns that don't accept null values and have a data default set. In this example, it's the column "ID_SOMEID" Code: some comment On the table definition, it takes "0" as default value. I got the above snippet ...

5. Default values on data base

Hi everyone ! I've got a problem : I've PostGreSQL data base , in my table , i've default values for attributes, ( for example , attributes Date , default value = now() ) I would like to used default values for insert on my data base. Somebody know how i can do this ? Thx a lot !!