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1. Hibernate 2nd level cache objects that are lazy=false, result in a default fetch=join, is it documented anywhere?

I experience the following apparently undocumented issue, and I want to understand if

  1. I did something wrong
  2. Did anyone encounter the same issue?
  3. Is it really not documented anywhere? or did I miss ...

2. Join Fetch with non-default constructor not working

I am migrating from hibernate 3.0.5 to 3.3.2.GA. I have an HQL Query with a non Default constructor and a join fetch. When i run it with non Default constructor it gives me error org.hibernate.QueryException: query specified join fetching, but the owner of the fetched association was not present in the select list [FromElement{explicit,not a collection join,fetch join,fetch non-lazy properties,classAlias=pr,role=null,tableName=DOCUMENT_PRECEDENCE,tableAlias=precedence1_,origin=DOCUMENT_OUT documentou0_,colums={documentou0_.DOC_PRECEDENCE_ID ...