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1. map default column value with annotations

@Table(name = "J_CNTRY")
public class CountryEntity {

    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.TABLE, generator = "myTableGenerator")
    @TableGenerator(name = "myTableGenerator", allocationSize = 5, pkColumnName = "pkName", ...

2. How to access a Oracle function(with default parameters) using Hibernate?

All, I have my function defined as below in oracle 10g database that returns a ref_cursor and the input param has a default value of 2

FUNCTION fn_get_client(pv_clientId_len_i IN NUMBER DEFAULT 2)

3. default autoguess dialect to use 9i when oracle detected

Hi there - I did a search but received a lot of results that didn't look like what I was looking for so hopefully someone can help me out. Our company has several products. One of these products uses hibernate and only supports postgresql(A). Another product supports both oracle and postgresql but performs better with oracle.(B) For product (B) we were ...

4. Default values in Oracle