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1. default values in for c3p0

Actually, do some load tests with your app, with these values. Have a look at the DB CPU/Mem, App server CPU/Mem, etc. And change parameters one by one, you'll see the best real life parameter. It will take you 1 or 2 days (including building the functional case), and you'll be much more confident.

3. how to set default value to a property?

5. How to set default value for property?

6. how to set default value for property?

7. Specifying default value for a property

You might want to consider doing this in the JavaBean instead. Specifically, initialize the property member with a default value when it is declared and/or set a reasonable default value in the setter method whenever "null" is passed in. By enforcing this at the bean level, your code is more portable. The behavior will be the same even if you switch ...

8. default values for properties

9. Setting a default property for a column in Hibernate

Looking at the DTD, it clearly states what the purpose of this tag is.

10. What is the best way to set default value for DO property?

Default values must be the same in application and in database. Default values to maintained in database to have valid model and you need to maintain default values in application to avoid reload. It is not a problem in my practice, JAVA language defaults make sence in most of cases and do not need to be maintained.

11. Property to several columns in a custom type - default names

@Type(type="org.hibernate.test.annotations.entity.MonetaryAmountUserType") @Columns(columns = { @Column(name="r_amount"), @Column(name="r_currency") }) public MonetaryAmount getAmount() { return amount; } public class MonetaryAmount implements Serializable { private BigDecimal amount; private Currency currency; ... }

12. HOw to set default property value in hibernate 3.0

Hi I am trying to set default property value of a column using hibernate. WE are generating our database tables using the hbm files. So I want to have default values set for some columns in the property element of the hbm file. Kindly if you all can show me the way of setting the default value in the property element. ...

14. [Mapping] Setting a default value for a property.

Hi all, I'm using Hibernate 3 mapping and I have this curiosity: for a column of database (a of the mapping file) it's possible to apply a default value? I mean that if I not set the field of the Java class automatically it must been set to this default value. I have found the "meta attribute" but it's not ...

15. How to assign default value to a property

Hibernate version: 3.2.4 Mapping documents: Code: userListDtImpl ...