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1. Hibernation annotations, specify column default value    stackoverflow.com

I have a domain object and annotated as follows

 @Table(name = "REQUEST")
 public class Request {

   * Unique id for this request
@Column(name = ...

2. Is there a way to specify the default value for a column in JPA    stackoverflow.com

class Foo {

private String productName;

private Date orderedDate;

private int numHits;
I would like to specify a default value of productName="Toy" and orderedDate="10 days before" and numHits as "5", so that these translate ...

3. You must specify a valid (non-default) package for your busi    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, I am a new user to hibernate. I have added hibernate sychronizer as the plugin to generate the hbm files. Whenever I try to generate a hbm files, after filling all the details like database url, driver , pwd when i click on refresh it shows the tables for which to generate the hbm files as it should show But ...

5. How to specify a default access mode other than 'property'    forum.hibernate.org

I'm using Hibernate 2.1 Specifying access="field" for every property, id, many-to-one, etc is bit tedious. Is there a way to speify a default at some level. The DTD did not seem to allow any kind of default for this. Is there a plan to add such a feature? Or is there a way around? Thanks, Yogi