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1. How to change hibernate's default fetching strategy?

I know hibernate's default fetching strategy is LAZY for collections, is there a way to change the default fetching strategy system wide through configuration file?

2. Overriding a default fetch strategy of subselect

We are trying to provide a way to programmatically change the fetch strategy being utilized. We found this to be easy enough with the Criteria API. I know there is no way to specify subselect this way, so I tried to set fetch=subselect in my mapping file under the impression that the client app could simply pass in FetchMode.SELECT, JOIN, or ...

3. Default fetching strategy not applied?

Hello everyone, I've got a question regarding Hibernate's default fetching strategy in -Mappings. (I tried to search the forum first, but the search function did not work unfortunately.) I've mapped a class 'Parent' (see below). It contains a hierarchical structure, i.e. it contains a foreign key on itself for the parent and a set of children of itself. The class is ...