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1. How to set default value in Hibernate

How do I set default value in Hibernate field?

2. default value for CascadeType in Hibernate

I am using Hibernate to persist this bean.

import javax.persistence.*;

public class Person {
    @Id @GeneratedValue
    private int id;
    private ...

3. hibernate and default value

I have a column set up of id, item_id, logo and imagetype. Now I want to add a isDefault value that is used to get the first image for an item. An item can have many images but only one default per imagetype. itemId and imagetype together can only have one isDefault set to 1 the rest should be o for ...

4. columnDefinition default value ignored

5. How to implement default values?

6. default value for premitives

Hibernate doesn't care about values, just mappings. If you really, really want the hibernate mapping to handle it, then you can use the formula or sql-insert tags, as appropriate. Both of these will do it, but only when you save the object to the DB, not when you create the object in java. You realy should use declaration-time initialization, that's what ...

7. how to set default value?

I have a class with int property. when I allow the property to be left null, it has problem loading from the database. How are you suppose to make sure the column value defaults to 0? (I thought the java class should have done that already). there does not seem to be a default-value attribute to set in the hbm. Do ...

8. Using databes default values .. some issues

9. @ManyToMany and @IndexColumn default value problem

Hi, Here my relation User * - * Agency In, I have : Code: @ManyToMany(fetch = FetchType.EAGER) @Cascade(value = { CascadeType.SAVE_UPDATE }) @JoinTable(name = "users_agencies", uniqueConstraints = { @UniqueConstraint(columnNames = { "user_id", "agency_id" }) }, joinColumns ...

10. Using default values with Hibernate

Hey, quick question. Is it possible to make Hibernate use the default value in an insert if the value is null? I tried using insert=false in the mapping, but that's not good, as I sometimes need to set the value myself. Any ideas? I just want it to behave like an insert=false but only when the value is null.