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1. CF9 EntityDelete: How to delete entities

If I have an array of entities, whats the easiest way of deleting the entire array of entities (or to put it this way, the entire ORM table)? I have:

<cfset allUsers ...

2. Coldfusion ORM: delete in cascade

I'm not an expert in coldfusion orm and I call your help because I'm pulling my hair! I'm excepting to delete an entity 'Action' that has 2 relationship one-to-many, 'Texts' and 'Bonus'. When ...

3. How do I cascade delete a collection in Hibernate?

Let's say I have two entities, a Post and a Comment (in ColdFusion):

component persistent="true" table="post"
    property name="Id" fieldtype="id";
    property name="Comments" fieldtype="one-to-many" cfc="Comment" fkcolumn="post_id" cascade="all";

component persistent="true" ...