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1. CVS Access

I'm having troubles connecting to repository from Eclipse (both 3.0M3 and 2.1) - though it works fine from linux shell.. From another post I noticed that almost everyone in Hibernate team is using Eclipse, so I assume you have it figured out.. :) The configuration I'm using is: Host: Repository path: /cvsroot/hibernate User: anonymous Password: Connection type: pserver (default ...

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5. CVS functionality

Hi there. Have you ever implemented cvs functionality with hibernate? It's very easy to implement an object state history using interceptors, but what's about branches. Especially how to solve the relations to other objects in a many-to-many fashion? My initial approach of my domain model looks like this: Code: public class Branche { ...

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8. xdoclet 1.2.2 CVS

The docs say: version Sets the hibernate version to use. Legal values are "1.1" and "2.0". I'm using hibernate 2.1.6 with that version of xdoclet as well. I put 2.0 as the version number. So far the only thing I've had issues with is that there's not implementation for "batch-size". If some momentum is needed on the hibernate xdoclet stuff to ...

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