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1. IDEs support Hibernate ???

Hi Somkiat, I've seen that IBM's WSAD definitely supports Hibernate, with plug ins for different tasks. Given that I guess there must be something for Eclipse as well since both products, that is eclipse and wsad, are so closely related. Cheers, Gian Franco Casula [ August 31, 2004: Message edited by: Gian Franco Casula ]

2. Hibernate IDE

4. Hi Friends i have got an error excuting the hibernate program in MyEclipse IDE

hello i have doubt in executing the hibernate program on MYECLIPSE IDE please clarify this one i have used Oracle xe for database. i have created the table in the database as follows. sql>create table emp(empno number(3),empname varchar2(10), empsalary number(5)); and then am done what ever stuff is there to execute the program and then i create class in the package ...

5. How to import Hibernate source code into IDE?

6. Hibern8 IDE 0.9 download alternative

7. java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError with Hibernate IDE

Hi, I am newbie to Hibernate. I wanted to run a simple hibernate example from the Java Persistence with Hibernate. This helloworld-native works fine with ant build tool. when i try to use the Hibernate IDE, i get the below stack trace. I have googled and tried searching for the mistake i have done. The hibernate IDE doesnt have a runnable ...

8. Problem: Setting up dev. environment (NetBenas 6.1 IDE)

Hi everybody, Im new to Hibernate. I try to setup the dev-env. While using updated NetBeans 6.1 on Windows Platform. Maven and Hibernate Plug-ins for IDE are installed correctly. Hibernate Core 3.3.0 SP1 and Hibernate EntityManager 3.4.0 GA libraries are downloaded and added correctly to the class path of first sample of Hibernate tutorial ( doc/reference/tutorial/web). I use the GlassFish V2, ...