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1. tapestry-hibernate beaneditform, disable business object auto-reload    stackoverflow.com

My context is the following: Let's say i have a class A, containing a list of B objects. I also have a beaneditform like that:

<t:beaneditform t:id="formCategorie" object="newCategorie"></t:beaneditform>
where newCategorie is an instance of ...

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I'm using Hibernate 2.1 with Tapestry 3.0.1. I've had reasonably good success if I avoid lazy collection initialization, but I have struggled to find a reliable method of dealing with lazy initialization. I started with the recommended ThreadLocal session implementation (ie - the HibernateUtil class), which worked in some (simple) cases. I repeatedly found recommendations to implement Spring's OpenSessionInViewFilter, so I ...

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Hibernate version: 3.1 Tapestry version: 4.0 Hi all! Tapestry+Hibernate problem ahead... I want to have a form that allows me to alter a certian object. the form should use validation, so if something goes wrong I want to be able to correct the mistake and be able to press save again. I don`t want the changes to persist until the validation ...