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1. Book recommendation for Hibernate?

What book/article do you recommend for learning hibernate?

2. Beginning Hibernate: From Novice To Professional "OR" Harnessing Hibernate?

Please suggest which is the better book...

3. Hibernate book

Originally posted by Mark Stein: I'm torn between Hibernate Developers Notebook, and Professional Hibernate. Anyone suggest one over the other, or do I solve the problem by getting both? I myself haven't read Professional Hibernate - I did get the Developer's Notebook, though, needing a jumpstart to get my feet wet. I would hardly call it the greatest of references, but ...

4. Good Book on Hibernate.

There is only one: Hibernate In Action written by Christian and Gavin of the Hibernate team. I've read some of the sample chapters - it looks good enough. However, I don't think Hibernate is really complicated enough to need a book (particularaly since it costs $44.95). There are enough resources out there in the existing docs and the forums. I'd try ...

5. Hibernate books

I haven't read Hibernate in Action, still I can tell my impression on Hibernate - A Developer's Notebook. As the name states it has inside the observations of a developer. It is like a hands-on, or a short tutorial. The author takes you through all the steps to run a simple application using Hibernate. I consider it a beginner level book, ...

6. Can anyone suggest me a good book on hibernate ?

I have Hibernate in Action and like it. The examples are clear, and it get's you started pretty quickly. What I feel is missing in both the Hibernate and Spring worlds is a book for the non-beginner that covers best practices for real-world difficult problems. But if you're just getting started with Hibernate, it's a great book. It's written by Christian ...

7. hibernate book

I have HIA, which is an excellent book. I highly recommend it. As noted above, though, the current version covers Hibernate 2. I've just ordered Pro Hibernate 3 (Apress), as that is the only book I can find that covers Hibernate 3 functionality. I've found other Apress books (particularly Pro Spring) to be good investments. I'm certain that I will also ...

8. Hibernate Quickly book

9. Hibernate Quickly Book on the job

Hopefully both. I use Hibernate on a daily basis, so I wanted to write a book I would pick up and refer to. While we aimed the book first and foremostly at new developers, we wanted to make it useful to developers as a reference. Let me highlight an example of both. For experienced developers, a useful chapter will probably be ...

10. Hibernate Quickly Book

11. Hibernate Quickly book

12. Hibernate Quickly Book

13. good book on Hibernate...

14. Hibernate book needed

15. Which is the best book for Hibernate?

I started by reading the entire Hibernate 3 docs. Then doing the Hibernate in Action demo. Then just testing things out and writing code/mappings. Then reading the offical and these forums whenever possible. Someone elses problem could always be my own. Most problems you get you can figure out from the docs or reading forums. The more in depth stuff you ...

17. which hibernate book cover hibernate 3+

Hi Thank you for reading my post I have very problems with Pro Hibernate 3.0 book many of its samples does not work, even hibernate forum people said that it has more problem as i progress. now i want to know which hibernate book i should read that covers and teach hibernate annotation in a good manner? thanks

18. Hibernate Book

19. hibernate books

20. Which Book For Hibernate?

21. Hibernate e-book

22. Best books for Hibernate

23. Question about a code snippet from book "beginning hibernate"

I am reading the following code snippet from book "Bineginning Hibernate" by Dave Minter. public class DAO { private static final ThreadLocal session = new ThreadLocal(); private static final SessionFactory sessionFactory = new Configuration().configure().buildSessionFactory(); public static Session getSession() { Session session = (Session)DAO.session.get(); if(session == null) { session = sessionFactory.openSession(); DAO.session.set(session); } return session; } public static void close() { getSession().close(); ...

24. Need a good book for Hibernate

25. Book for Hibernate

May I so humbly suggest mine? I put together a very readable, beginner friendly book on Hibernate called Hibernate Made Easy. It covers all of the basics, shows you how to get started, and takes you through a variety of very simple and easily reproducible examples that will get you proficient in Hibernate very quickly. My book isn't intended as a ...

26. Hibernate made easy Book

I think this book is exactly what you need. Of course, my perspective may be biased, but I still think the point is true. The book assumes some knowledge of Java, and an expectation that you know how to install a database like MySQL or DB2 (although the book does provide some guidance for installing a database and creating a schema). ...

27. suggest me a good book for hibernate3

Hey Manoj! I'm going to make a few suggestions here, but you need to know that I'm the author of Hibernate Made Easy, so my opinions on that book will be very biased. I personally believe there are three really key books to get on Hibernate, two of which have been released in the last month or so, namely, Harnessing Hibernate ...

28. Suggestion on hibernate book

29. Book on Hibernate

30. Open JPA Books

31. Books on Hibernate

There are a number of solid books on Hibernate out there. I'd suggest that everyone needs a copy of "Java Persistence with Hibernate" by Gavin King, as that's pretty much the reference, but it's not necessarily the best learning tool. I wrote "Hibernate Made Easy" because I found alot of people were really struggling to learn Hibernate, which is rather silly, ...

32. Hibernate JPA Bibliography (Any good book to purchase ?)

Hello there... I am now starting learning Hibernate & JPA ! What should i do ? Start with hibernate and then JPA ? They go both .. i Know But what would be best ? Learn Hibernate on the start ? or Just start Buying a book on JPA and start there ? Don't know much... Can someone recomend me a ...

33. Book for Hibernate

34. best book for hibernate.

35. Book for hibernate

Well, I know one book that I would highly recommend. Of course, I wrote it, so I might be biased. Hibernate Made Easy is a great little read that will help you get started with Hibernate quickly. Harnessing Hibernate also gets good recommendations, and everyone should have a copy of Java Persistence with Hibernate (JPWH), as it is the reference tomb, ...

36. Mike Keith and Merrick Schincariol's book Pro JPA 2 (pro or beginner)

Hi Pete, We wrote the book explicitly to bring a reader from knowing nothing at all about JPA to being an advanced JPA-er. (That is why we had a hard time keeping it under 500 pages!) From all reports I think people find it very easy to read and learn from. The intermediate developers sometimes find the second chapter a little ...

37. Pro JPA 2 Book TOC

Would the authors post a detailed TOC? The APress site does not do this and the Amazon view inside feature is not available for this book. In particular, I want more information on migration from EJB2 to JPA 2 and "Best Practices". Thanks for writing the book. We all understand that you don't get rich writing technical books. This is a ...

38. What about findByExample in JPA book?

I'm sorry to say that we didn't actually get to do QBE in JPA 2.0. Criteria API does not have any special operators for it so entity equality is just like in JP QL, based on PK value. Sorry, but hopefully we'll be more successful on that front in the next go-round. For now it is one of those vendor features ...

40. Hibernate made easy book questions

Hi, I have read the book from Cameron McKenzie "Hibernate made easy" and it helped me a lot to understand how hibernates works, @Cameron great book . I implemented his HibernateUtil class in my application, but I am missing some piece of information that's not in the book. The application that I am writing is a database application using MDI, this ...

42. book on hibernate 3

I think ant is going to flatten my learning curve for using i will have two things to focus upon... I am little weak in terms like maven and ant, they don't speak to me much, which is why i fear them... Is there really a necessity to use ant as the build mechanism for hibernate? What ACTUAL good will ...

43. Recommendations for JPA book

44. books for hibernate

45. Hibernate book for novice.

46. A good Hibernate book or tutorial

Hi, I am new with Hibernate, but do have pretty fgood SQL and JDBC knowledge. I would like to kick-systart my Hibernate knowledge with the eye on finding a new job. And aeverybody knows that Hibernate experience is already asked from junior Java developers. Is there any conscensus about the best book/tutorial? I had pretty good experiecne with the In Action ...

47. JPA books

48. Hibernate Books

49. Hibernate book

50. suggestion on hibernate etc book

51. New JPA Book

52. good books/websites on hibernate

53. Problem in "hello world" example of book.

54. Any recently published books on Hibernate?

I have been using Hibernate for the last months on a need-to-know basis, googling up solutions or referring to the reference docs when I need to, but I fail to gain a deeper understanding of Hibernate in this way. So I would like to get up to speed on annototions, JPA, and all that stuff, but the most recent book I ...

55. Hibernate Book

56. Which are some good reference books?

57. When can I buy your book Gavin?

I know Gavin and Christian are working on the book furiously right now. Not sure when it is due though I understand they want it out as soon as possible. The editing process is the most difficult, and I don't actually know when though even with good intensions to be earlier, I would say its likely to be after Christmas.

58. Related book suggestions

Hello, Can anyone point me to good resources, either online or books, that describe DB methodologies and that may also compliment my learning of hibernate? I create my db from a hibernate mapping file at the moment so any theory that may help me to understand exactly what the available attributes do would be really helpful. Thanks.

59. book on Hibernate

Its no use to subscribe to the drafts. It would be much too expensive I think if Manning would send the book to Germany when finished. I always buy them at I will buy the book anyway. But I would prefer to pay cheaper for drafts without getting the book sent when finished. So I would read the drafts and ...

60. What's the latest on the book?

Our project is just starting to ramp up to a full slate of developers working on our J2EE/JMS/SLSB/Tomcat/XSLT/Hibernate app. We're going to be running into interesting scaling and locking issues soon, I just know it. And I also just know the Hibernate book would be really helpful :-) Any updates on when it might hit the printers? Last I heard was ...

62. Hibernate Book

Oh, that "Professional Hibernate" is new to me, I have to read it. Looks like it will be out in October so I doubt anyone can tell you what's in it. Stay away from the O'Reilly book, it's not good and has many errors. Hibernate in Action is certainly the reference, since it was written by Gavin King and me, two ...

63. One more week without the printed book

65. Hibernate Books

66. Recommended books?

67. Exchange forum credits for a free Hibernate book

68. Can someone suggest a good advanced hibernate book?

Hello. I have been using hibernate around 6 months now by just reading the online documentation, api and forums. However, I would now like to get a deeper understanding of hibernate, and some advanced topics. But there are many different books out there. Could someone suggest a good book? I don't want a real beginner how to book, but more on ...

69. New to Hibernate having problems the tutorial from book

Hibernate version: 3.2 I'm trying to use the HelloWorld example from the book "Java Persistence with Hibernate". The Helloworld java file imports a persistence package that doesn't exist. The HelloWorld java file uses the class HibernateUtil I have copied the src from the hibernate doc tutorial to my helloworld folder. I tried to run the Hibernate demo and it fails on ...

70. Best book for hibernate?

imo you can't set one book to be the best. for a expert a book which starts with the basic isnt best, but for a newbie it is probably the best. so based on your level of expierince you have to choose a book that fits. normaly you always can get previews of the most common books (e.g google books).

71. book for hibernate

Java Persistence with Hibernate (JPWH) is the reference standard for Hibernate, and is a resource everyone should have. And that's coming from me, the author of "Hibernate Made Easy." One thing I do find, and it was my motivation to write "Hibernate Made Easy" is that JPWH isn't always the best learning tool, because it does cover everything and in great ...

72. good books for hibernate beginners