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1. How do I tell JBehave META-INF to configure it for JPA using the Maven plugin?

I'm trying to get JBehave, JPA and Maven to play nicely together. I can run the test via eclipse and everything works just fine. I run it via maven, and JPA ...

2. Using the grails Quartz plugin without Hibernate

I am working on a backend Grails application that pulls information periodically from a RESTful service. To do this I installed the Grails Quartz plugin.

grails install-plugin quartz
I then created a ...

3. Is it possible to customize the hibernate-plugin autogenerated CRUD methods on my grails app?

My project's copy contains the following snippet in HibernateGrailsPlugin.groovy :

def doWithDynamicMethods = {
        def dynamicMethods = HibernatePluginSupport.doWithDynamicMethods

4. Openjpa maven plugin error

Update 3: Addes following code to the pom so openjpa could find the persistence.xml file. Got some query errors left but I finally got openjpa to work :).


5. Grails quartz->thread

This is my Trigger that calls a matchService...

    class TestJob { 
     def matchService

 static triggers = {

  cron name: 'firstThread',  cronExpression: ...

6. Maven exec plugin main class missing

I'm trying to go through Hibernate tutorial and got stuck on running the command

C:\Users\Eyal\workspace\FirstHibernateTutorial>mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainclass="o
rg.hsqldb.Server" -Dexec.args="-database.O file:target/data/tutorial" -e
and get these errors.
[INFO] Error stacktraces are turned on.
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
[WARNING] Some ...

7. does searchable plugin work only with hibernate?

I use grails-1.3.2 and hbase-0.2.4 plugin. I want to use searchable plugin, but when I install plugin with it appears hibernate plugin, which conflicts with hbase-0.2.4 plugin. When I am uninstalling hibernate plugin, I can ...

8. Hibernate3 Maven plugin misconfiguration?

The first time i built my project, i already knew that i will get crazy if it does not stop doing things twice and now the time has come. I have ...

9. Plugin for IBM RAD 6 Supporting Hibernate 3

Greetings, I have been looking for a while for a plugin a) to be used in IBM RAD 6 (based on Eclipse 3.0.1) which can b) generate mappings and Java code supporting Hibernate 3. I tried Hibernate Synchronizer which seems to not work very well. It still generates net.sf.hibernate.*. Any suggestions will be appraciated. Thank you. JB

10. hibernate plugins

11. Hibernate plugin for WSAD

I am using Hibernate 3 on RAD 6.0. I am in the process of creating the POJO and corresponding mapping file and taking more time to do manually, I know there tools/plugin available which can automatically creates the POJO and mapping file rather than doing it manually. Could anyone please suggest me plugin for this. Thanks in advance

12. Hibernate plugin for Eclips

13. RAD7 plugin for hibernate

14. hibernate/Code Coverage(Emma plugin)

Hi, I have an application using Spring,Hibernate(Eclipse IDE) and I have written few Easy Mock unit tests and also few integration tests. I am using Emma for Code Coverage. 1. I run the Junit (Run As Junit)it works fine. 2. I use the Easy Mock for unit tests, they run fine and also the Code Coverage works fine. problem is 3. ...

15. best plugin for Hibernate

16. hibernate plugin

17. Hibernate -Netbeans Plugin

20. Hibernate Plugin For Netbeans 6.0.1

21. Hibernate 3.5.1 & Hbernate3 maven plugin

We got it working by adding depencies to the plugin config.. org.codehaus.mojo hibernate3-maven-plugin 2.2 hbm2ddl annotationconfiguration /src/main/resources/hibernate.cfg.xml schema.sql false true mysql mysql-connector-java 5.1.5 org.hibernate hibernate-core ${hibernate.version} org.hibernate hibernate-annotations ${hibernate.version} org.hibernate hibernate-entitymanager ${hibernate.version} org.hibernate hibernate-ehcache ${hibernate.version} org.hibernate hibernate-c3p0 ${hibernate.version} ...

22. Problems with Hibernate-plugins

Hi, i try to integrate Hibernate in my Eclipse 3.5.2 distribution, but after i installed Hibernate Tools and some JBoss-Tools via the Eclipse Install mode, the following example does not work, as Eclipse does not find lots of Hibernate classes: import; import; import; import; import;; /** * @author Deepak Kumar * * * Hibernate example ...

23. Hibernate + maven bundle plugin + felix

Hi, I try to use hibernate in a bundle. I create my bundles with the maven-bundle-plugin. I have following dependencies added to my pom.xml: Code: org.hibernate hibernate-core ...

24. middlgen hibernate plug-in support for assosiations?

Normal approach is to use constraints (which is good practice). Middlegen will allow you to then fine tune the associations from there. For example, in the GUI use the mouse and click on the association line between the tables. Hold down the control key and a different change can occur. It is in the documentation for Middlegen.

25. hibernator plugin

Hi all I am trying to get run the hibernator plugin within Eclipse 2.1.1 without avail. I manage to open the connection but when it starts to load the mapping files, it will stop loading at one mapping. no error message whatsoever. Plus, the query view is not available, i.e does not allow me to write any query, which I figure ...

26. IntelliJ Hibernate Plugin

Hibernate version: 2.1.6 Mapping documents: Trying to generate them with MapGenerator Just trying to find anyone else who's tried to use the Hibernate plugin with IntelliJ Idea 4.5. It tries to generate map files using net.sf.hibernate.tool.class2hbm.MapGenerator, but this class is not in my hibernate 2.1.6 jar file, and is not in any of the jars in latest hibernate extensions zip file ...

27. maven plugin for the HibernateConsole written

I've written a maven plugin for the HibernateConsole, it is really pretty simple, but I haven't found any references to one yet, so I may have been the 1st to do this. If there is any interest in this "artifact" I'd be glad to contribute it to the project, but I don't know how to go about doing that. Please let ...

28. New to Hibernate Plugin

Hi, Thanks for reading. I am trying to use the hibernate plugin with Eclipse. When I select File, new, other and hibernate option, it shows option for selecting a folder and a file. It asks me to enter teh path to create the hibernata configuration file. After entering the details, and when I click NEXT, it doesn't go forward at all. ...

29. Plugin for IBM RAD 6 Supporting Hibernate 3

30. Maven 2.0 plugin?

31. hibernate Plugin for RAD/WSAD

I am using Hibernate 3 on RAD 6.0. I am in the process of creating the POJO and corresponding mapping file and taking more time to do manually, I know there tools/plugin available which can automatically creates the POJO and mapping file rather than doing it manually. Could anyone please suggest me plugin for this. Thanks in advance

32. plugins using hibernate for my application

Hello there I am developing an application that uses hibernate. My application supports the notion of plugins. These plugins will each have their own configuration to manage. I would like to write the plugin framework to ensure that the plugins will use hibernate to store configuration. I plan to use a system similar to what is listed in the Hibernate tutorial, ...

33. Anyone know how to use the hiberClipse Plugin in WSAD?

Hi, I installed the hiberClipse plugin in my WSAD 5.1.1 (based on Eclipse x2.1) to see how it suports the auto code generation from .hbm file to POJO file. When I right click the contact.hbm.xml file I created and choose HiberClipse--> CodeGenerator, the following exception is thrown: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/crypto/provider/IBMJCA (wrong name: net/sf/hibernate/tool/hbm2java/CodeGenerator) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0(Native Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass( at at ...

34. hibernate i plugin environment

I have a swing app with hibernate (EntityManager). There is posibility to add some extra functionality by plugins. But here is a problem. Plugins are added dynamicaly and there arent in classpath or manifest. This is the way i start plugin: (...) URL[] urls = new URL[] { new URL("file:".concat(jarFile.getAbsolutePath())) }; URLClassLoader classLoader = new URLClassLoader(urls, ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader()); InputStream is = new ...

35. Installing NetBeans Plugin

Hi all, I'm new to Java, but not new to programming. I'm trying to install the NetBeans plugin but as far as I can figure it out, I need to have xdoclet installed, but when I try to install it, the IDE complains of the missing modules: module javax.jmi.reflect/1 > 1.5 module org.netbeans.api.mdr/1 > 1.2 module org.netbeans.jmi.javamodel/2 > 1.18 module ...

36. Plugin application : Classes have different classloaders

Hello everyone, I am writing a Plugin-based webapp for my diploma thesis. The plugins are loaded by the Java Plugin Framework[1]. There is one classloader per plugin, which handles all the plugins classes. The classloader hirarchy is the same as for the plugins (e.g. if plugin B depends on plugin A, that means that As classloader is a parent of Bs) ...