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1. Changing JAAS roles based on software license flags

I've got a pretty ordinary JEE application running on JBOSS. It uses the JBoss DatabaseLoginModule JAAS authentication. It also has application layer users/roles in Hibernate that are exactly the same. I've got an idea ...

2. In Enterprise Level application how should roles be designed?

I am creating an enterprise level application, where there are different types of users. Normal User, Organisation Admin, Super Admin. Every user has different roles.

  1. Normal user : access functionality of ...

3. How big of a role does Hibernate play?

Hibernate is certainly getting all the attention at the moment. Before that it was JDO, and before that, perhaps Toplink. The level of attention Hibernate is getting might change when EJB 3.0 spec is finalized, and perhaps matures in a second or third revision (initial implementations of any specification always reveal holes/gaps/errors/omissions). But don't forget that the vast majority of all ...

4. set role

5. Where is the "role" tag documented?

6. role - what happend

7. How to model this : User, Program, and Role

Hi, Appreciate if you could share with me how to model this in Hibernate: a USER has many-to-many with PROGRAM; a PROGRAM has many-to-many with ROLE; a USER has many-to-many with ROLE. a USER is assigned a set of ROLEs for each PROGRAM. ^^^^^^^^^^ I think in database, I can have a table with (User_ID, Prog_ID, Role_ID). How do I define ...

8. What exactly are roles?

It has recently become apparent to me that I do not know precisely what a role is in the context of Hibernate mappings. What surprised me even more was that I was unable to find any coherent explanation anywhere on the web. Perhaps it is my google skills not being up to scratch, perhaps it is really a gap in the ...

9. Add a role

10. Users, Roles and Privileges- Best Practice?

I am currently working on the design of a new application. This application will have the following oracle tables to manage users, roles and privileges; user has one to many roles e.g. user1 is a clerk and a supervisor a role has one to many privileges e.g. a clerk can create and query records, a supervisor can delete records If I ...

11. add role to user

hello. i am a very much beginner with hibernate. i want to add a role to a user in hibernate persistence. i might be looking all wrong on the internet cause i cannot find anything, but all i need are some tips of how to do that. no code, just pointers, the steps. Thank you very much