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1. How to use an external file for database configuration in EJB environment

I need to have a file for database configuration outside of EAR file of my EJB application. Even if I define a datasource and call it via JNDI, I still have ...

2. Database table access via JPA Vs. EJB in a Web-Application

I am designing a web-application that access many database tables. I am trying to figure out what is the preferred way to access those tables? Is it via JPA or EJB? Thanks, Nathan

3. EJB, JPA with MS AQccess Database

4. Please advise: EJB can't synchronize db state with session

I'm trying to use Hibernate in a session ejb in Oracle oc4j. I've mapped the Cat class (no relationships) and create/read/update/delete all work fine in a java application using one Hibernate session. In the session ejb, I get the Hibernate SessionFactory in setSessionContext, then use it (or try to) in the following remote methods: List read(String hql) Cat create(Cat cat) void ...