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1. How to make a java project from a Websphere ear work with JPA    stackoverflow.com

I have an EAR installed in Websphere 6.1. Development is done in Eclipse, but using a simple Java project and updating the *.java and *.class files directly to the server. I ...

2. several EARs, JPA and interfaces    stackoverflow.com

I have working app1.ear, containing:

  • JPA entity, MyObjectImpl, implementing interface MyObject from api.jar
  • api.jar with MyObject interface and EJB Remote interface
  • ejb.jar with EJBs providing methods to access and modify JPA Entities
Second app2.ear is ...

3. Accessing persistance file from another project    stackoverflow.com

I have an EJB project setup in the following way

EAR Project
    EJB Proj
    EJB Client Proj
    JPA Proj
    Web ...

4. I need EJBs deployed in separate EARs to share the same PersistenceUnit. How?    stackoverflow.com

I have defined a set of entities in project A (JPA annotations). This project has 3 artifacts (using maven): A client-jar:jar which holds the entity classes themselves, an ejb-jar:ejb which holds ...

5. several ears, GF3, EJB 3 and JPA    coderanch.com

Hi all! As my project becomes larger and difficult to test, I decided to split my single good-working ear in several ears, some of them running as a standalone "service". And stucked in cross-ear communication. Please help, what am I doing wrong? I've simplified everything, only two ears left with no success, going mad EAR1: persistence.jar (JPA POJO classes, implementing interfaces ...