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What is the best way to fill tables create with jpa at application startup/shutdown of application ? like but with data manipulation language instead data definition language. i'm using HibernatePersistence as ...

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I have the following EJB querry which is not so efficient, How can I make it run faster? any ideas? I don't want to write HQL or Native SQL, but if I can't ...

3. EJB3 -JPA -Dynamic SQL    coderanch.com

Im working on a project which requires me to write codes using ejb3 JPA, to generate queries dynamically to retrieve data from table, and join the appropriate tables dynamically as well. I wonder how can that be done, are there any useful examples? if use the annotation, it wouldt be that flexibe enough right?

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5. Specify an arbitrary sql Where in EJB3    forum.hibernate.org