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1. EJB3 - handling non-standard link tables

I have a situation where I am working with EJB3 and a legacy database. I have a situation where there is a many-to-many relationship between two tables A and B, defined ...

2. Many-to-Many link tables in grails (GORM) / hibernate

I'm playing aroud with Grails and am finding the ORM stuff tedious because I don't fully understand what I'm doing when it comes to domain classes. I'm hoping someone can put ...

3. In @Table(name = "tableName") - make "tableName" a variable in JPA

I am using JPA and I need to make the "tableName" a variable. In a database, I have many tables, and my code needs to access the table where I specify ...

4. Tables not getting auto-created in Apache Derby when using EJB3/Hibernate

I have an EJB3 entity bean Player which is annotated as given below.


public class Player {
public Player() {
@Id @GeneratedValue
private String id;
private String firstName;
private String lastName;

public String ...

5. Hibernate 3 with JPA/EJB3, tables across 2 persistence units

I have a persistence.xml including two XA-Open enabled data sources for two different databasese. persistence-unit A has a table let's say tableA, whist persistence-unit B has a table tableB. I set the for both persistence unit. The problem is that when starting my application the Hibernate complains that the tableB is missing in persistence-unit A, the tableA is missing in ...