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1. @Id for oracle.rowid

Howto declare @Entity class for oracle table w/o PK? I has received the error message: Column "rowid" cannot be resolved on table "LOG" when doing mapping like this: @Entity public class Log implements Serializable { ... @Id private ROWID ...

2. Eclipselink + JPA generates ID column unexpectedly

Eclipselink generated a create table statement like so:

Create Table myTable (ID (255) not null, col1 (255), col2(255), col3(255) PK (ID, col1, col2)  

MyPK implements Serializable  
{  ...

3. JPA1 - ID is part of superclass results into error because of missing @Id in @Entity annotated class

we are currently evaluating JPA for our persistence unit and we got a problem when the id is part of the superclass. We always get the error message that the @Id ...