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I have a collection of states, that I want to cache for the life of the application, preferably after it is called for the first time. I'm using EclipseLink as my ...

2. EJB failure to update datamodel    stackoverflow.com

Here my EJB

@Table(name = "modelos")
    @NamedQuery(name = "Modelos.findAll", query = "SELECT m FROM Modelos m"),
    @NamedQuery(name = "Modelos.findById", query = "SELECT m FROM Modelos m ...

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Which one is used when? When I want JSF + Stateless Bean + JPA Entity application I need EJB Project and Dynamic Web Project integrates in EAR Project?

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In my ejb project I defined an abstract entity class called DataObjectEntity.java, and have all entities extend this class. The purpose is such that common fields can be reused and logging ...

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I'm trying to use a MySQL database with EclipseLink using Netbeans but I keep getting this EJB-exception when the application is about to get data out of the database:

Caused ...