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1. Eclipse + MySql + Hibernate, a good intro?

I'm looking for a tutorial explaining how to work with these 3 technologies, found this one, but it's working with HyperSql DB (yeah, I edited hibernate.cfg.xml to connect with ...

2. JPA: how to make a field auto increment

I use Eclipselink as my JPA provider, how can I make a field auto increment?

3. Sum Time field values in JPA

I'm having a problem with aggregate SUM function in JPA (Eclipselink v.2.1.2) which is executed on MySql database. I need to sum values in a field of type 'TIME'. But, executed ...

4. EclipseLink JPA secondary server

hoping someone may tell me if there is a way to provide automatic redundancy using JPA. We're currently using EclipseLink but can change should another provider have a suitable solution) and ...

5. Problem with JPA, EclipseLink and case sensitive mysql

My application is working fine in a Windows environment, but when I'm trying to test in a linux server, I have a problem with the JPA EclipseLink sql generated. I created ...

6. NamedQueries problem with Hibernate

I used NanedQueries (as follows) in my JPA project Eclipselink as persistence provider:

@Table(name = "login")
    @NamedQuery(name = "Login.random", query = "SELECT l FROM Login l WHERE = ...

7. how to connect to MySql with Hbernate using Eclipse

I'm new to the hibernate and eclipse. I successfully did it with Derby by watching a youtube video. Now I want to do it with MySql. I was successful to connect MySQL ...

8. JPA causes trouble for itself

I'm using JPA/EclipseLink, it throws this exception

Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column 'NAME' in 'field list'
Below is the generated query:
Call: SELECT id, DTYPE, fullname, NAME, code FROM ...

11. how do i connect mysql to Hibernate in eclipse