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1. How do I guarantee the order of items in a collection    stackoverflow.com

I have a list of objects and each and every object in the list have a position which may not change unless explicitly changed, in other words, the objects are in ...

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I'm using EclipseLink with the "eclipselink.ddl-generation" property set to "create-tables". The order of the columns in the created tables seems random. I want the columns in a particular order ...

3. Please help converting this SQL to JPQL, problem with subquery (EclipseLink v2)    stackoverflow.com

I have days trying to solve this. I need to have an ORDER BY and a LIMIT in a subquery, this is the native SQL:

    ope.idOperacion AS OperationID,

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I am using This JPA-Query:

SELECT DISTINCT e.label FROM Entity e 
GROUP BY e.label 
I get no errors and the results are sorted almost correct but there are some ...