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1. Eclipselink subquery error

The following NamedQuery is giving a parsing error in Eclispelink . please help

@NamedQuery(name = "OaaFlexrolesUnitT.findFlexRolesAvailableUsers", 
          query = "select c.netId,a.emplname from IsiEdbBasT ...

2. JPA Eclipselink Subquery in where clause with between, CriteriaBuilder and metamodel

I want to do this query with metamodel but I can't!! I dont know how to do this. MYSQL QUERY (with this query I want to get all the rows from the ...

3. Subquery with Criteriabuilder and metamodel

How can i do this MySQL query:

SELECT * FROM clases cl 
(SELECT ml2.inicio FROM modulos ml2 WHERE cl.modulo_id=ml2.modulo_id ) AND 
(SELECT ml2.fin FROM modulos ml2 WHERE cl.modulo_id=ml2.modulo_id) AND
I ...