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1. How to flush a single entity in a hibernate session    stackoverflow.com

I need to be able to flush a single entity to the DB during a larger Hibernate transaction. I don't want to commit the transaction as some of the entities attached to ...

2. How can I just flush one entity, and not others    forum.hibernate.org

How can I just flush one entity, so it's can be queried before commit, which will flush everything. I konw createSQLQuery can do this, but is there any more convenience methods available? example:(What I want is 'tela' can be query in same Transaction it's saved. Can't flush everything, the Transaction have other things to do.) session.beginTransaction(); TTelephone tela = new TTelephone(); ...

3. Flushing Toplink/JPA entity cache following background update of database    forums.oracle.com

We have a JPA/Toplink web application (essentailly read only at present) and the database tables are to be refreshed from master tables at intervals (probably daily). Is there any way (short of bouncing the web app) we can persuade Toplink to dump it's entity cache so the web app is guaranteed to pick up the new values promptly?