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1. Liquibase: How to execute Servlet Listener before EntityManager construction

I manage to issue a Liquibase Update as described in Liquibase Servlet Listener.

This effectively executes my Changelog. However, this happens after the setup of ...

2. How to use JPA's EntityManager.persist() in a servlet - mine does not work

I have been writing some servlets that access a database stored using the Derby server included with Glassfish. By looking at the examples in the Java EE 5 tutorial and on the web, I was able to write servlets to find and to update entries in the database. However, when I tried to create a new object to insert into the ...

3. Persisting using EntityManager from a Servlet Listener

I've run into a problem that so far I've been unable to find a work around for. In our web application we are using Hibernate 3.x (annotations) with the EntityManager to control our transactions and every time a call is made to the service layer from the client we have a servlet listener that intercepts and examines the request/session to make ...

4. Undeploying entity manager in servlet