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1. EntityManager or [Hibernate]Session ?

Hi folks, For once I have a rather simple question (I think). From the hibernate book I learned, I have a choice between the Entitymanager (JPA) and a Session (Hibernate). My researches concluded in: They're pretty much the same. But what makes one better suited for special situations? I'm guessing somewhere are differences between these two. Am I right when I ...

2. Difference between EntityManager and Session

3. sessions using EntityManager

4. Session vs EntityManager

I'm currently using Hibernate annotations for a small project I am working on. I'm also using a wrapper ( to obtain my session. I can't seem to find out the difference between using the Session vs. an EntityManager. On the outside they appear to do the same thing, give support for annotations. Is there any reason why I should use an ...

5. Session or EntityManager