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i have the following (partial) hierarchy:

public abstract class PersistentEntity {
    @Type(type = "pg-uuid")
    public UUID getId() {

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I have one implementation where my entity Company extends RootEntity with

strategy =InheritanceType.JOINED.(I am using hibernate-entitymanager) 
I have other entities which does not extends RootEntity. When I create all entites it ...

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Hello, I am using Hibernate persistence provider (Hibernate EntityManager version 3.3.1 GA and Hibernate Core version 3.2) on Glassfish (Version 1 Update 2). The database is Oracle XE. This is a JSF application where the managed bean is using application managed extended scoped persistence context to access database. Even though I am able to view the data, I am not able ...

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Hi everyone, I'll explain my problem. First my env. I am using Seam 2.1.0 with Richfaces. I have a page with multiple tabs. I have one tab with a search form and I can do actions on the result. For example, I have a list of requests and I can reply to one of the request directly from the result. The ...