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1. Syntax error occured using Informix

2. Problem using Hibenate error with Informix 9.4

Has anyone had this error connecting to informix 9.4, so help would be appreciated.Thanks. Hibernate version: 3.2.4 sp1 and 3.2.6ga Database version:Informix 9.4 SQL Hibernate issued: select bankbo0_.BANK_CODE as BANK1_0_0_, bankbo0_.VERSION_NBR as VERSION2_0_0_, bankbo0_.BANK_NAME as BANK3_0_0_, bankbo0_.STATUS_CODE as STATUS4_0_0_, bankbo0_.UPDATE_DTIME as UPDATE5_0_0_ from APP_RC:INFORMIX.BANK bankbo0_ where bankbo0_.BANK_CODE=? [2/25/08 16:14:05:562 EST] 00000079 JDBCException W SQL Error: -9847, SQLState: IX000 [2/25/08 16:14:05:578 EST] ...

3. Informix and "A syntax error has occurred"