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1. Exception while JNDI lookup......    forum.hibernate.org

Guys... I am trying to use the datasource bound to JNDI, and each time I do a look for the datasource I get the following exception. Can anyone help me out as to what I am doing wrong, or am I missing some files from my classpath. I am using WSAD as the development environment and using the Testing Environment in ...

2. JNDI; exception during creation of the ManagedConnection.    forum.hibernate.org

I have a sample program. It works if I use JDBC connection. But when I change to JNDI, it failed. See the error massage below. My JNDI is definitely works since it is used by another program. Please see what is wrong with my hibernate code. hibernate.cfg.xml, mapping xml and program code are included below. Thanks for help. lijao Hibernate version: ...

3. Exception when commiting to a JNDI-bound DS in Portlet    forum.hibernate.org

Hi everybody! I get a Code: [org.hibernate.tool.hbm2ddl.SchemaExport] schema export unsuccessful java.sql.SQLException: You cannot commit during a managed transaction! when using Hibernate on a DS stored in a JBoss JNDI tree. Now, I've been reading some of the docu and forum entries and I came to understand that I need to configure Code: