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1. Hibernate Exception : Illegal attempt to dereference a collection

Consider the following Entities.

public class Product{
int id;
Date effectiveDate;
Date expiryDate;
Set<Inventory> productInventories;

public class Inventory{
int invId;
Date inventoryDate;
boolean soldOut;
int availableQuantity;
Product product;
The above two entities maps to tables Product and Inventory respectively. Now I have to ...

2. org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not initialize a collection

I have 3 tables tbl_category , tbl_Advertisment and tbl_linkcategoryadvert( having many to many association b/w category & advertisment ) My POJO's as given below

public class Advertisment implements Serializable {

4. You may not dereference a collection...exception. Why?

Hi All, Maps: Code: ...

5. exception:found shared references to a collection

i wrote this code: ConnectionFactory con = new ConnectionFactory().getInstance.getSession(); Collection lepb = new HashSet(); try { Solution sol = new Solution(); Transaction tx = sess.beginTransaction(); Probleme test = (Probleme) sess.load(Probleme.class, id_probleme); Query query = sess.createQuery( " from com.cosoftware.Probleme probl where"); lepb = query.list(); .... sol.setProbleme(test);test.getSolutions().add(sol); tx.commit(); sess.flush(); The problem is : i obtain this execption:Found shared references to a collection. ...

6. Exception: Found shared references to a collection

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7. Exception: Found shared references to a collection

Hi, We have bidirectional relationship so we have created one-to-many in the parent object, and many-to-one in child object? We get the following error: Caused by: net.sf.hibernate.HibernateException: Found shared references to a collection Parent Mapping: ChildMapping

8. Exception: Found two representations of same collection

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9. dereference a collection exception...

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10. Does Hibernate exception remove managed collection objects?

I'm but a student of Hibernate and its EJB3 incarnation. This situation was related to me by some dissatisfied user, and I'm trying to understand if his situation relates to Hibernate behavior or to his misunderstanding of Hibernate. I suspect that this person was using Hibernate 2.x. This person said he acquired Java code references to data managed through a lazy-fetched ...

12. Found two representations of same collection Exception

Objects structure: Project<1-*>DataSourceSchema<1-1>VersionedSource<1-1>AbstractSource<1-1>Configuration. also Project<1-*>Archive All the object are JPA entities beside the Configuration object which is a UserType Workflow 1.create HB session 2. create a project object 3. save project --OK (insert are made into the DB) 4. modify project 5. save project -- here the exception occurs (Found two representations of same collection: Project.archives) 6.close HB session Hibernate version: ...

13. Exception when trying to remove an object with collections

I'm having this exception when trying to remove a persistent object that contains one many-to-one relation and one set many-to-many relation. I've searched for the error and I've found some people had problem with collections and cascade constraints, so I've put them to null, but the problem persists. I'm using Spring and HibernateDAOs. I think I'm doing everything OK to remove ...