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1. Hibernate criteria Exception

org.hibernate.QueryException: could not resolve property: agentbookingDet of: com.sutisoft.sutitravel.hibernate.AgentbookingDet

2. internal exceptions of JPA2 Criteria API implementation

@Entity @Table(name="TABLE") public class TestEntity { @Id @Column(name = "ID", nullable = false) private Integer id; ... @Embedded private TestEntity2 embeddedAttribute; ... } @Embeddable public class TestEntity2 { ... @Column(name = "BLAH") @Enumerated(EnumType.STRING) private TestEnum enumeratedAttribute; ... ...

3. SQL-exception when using the Criteria object

Hello everybody, I am somehow in a dead end I don't know how to resolve it. Any help would be highly appreciated. Many thanks. Regards Gallus Here is the problem: I have a User class, with two properties login and id. Further I have a table repository_user with two columns, id and login. Now I want to lookup a user with ...

4. Why Criteria throw an exception?

5. criteria.uniqueResult() throwing exception

Using Hibernate DTD 3.0: I have a code to count of the number of objects that match the given criteria.. Here is the code snip.. public int getObjectCount(QueryCriteria criteria) throws InternalException { UserTransaction txn = null; try { txn = PersistenceService.getInstance().beginTemporaryTransaction(); QueryCriteria countQuery = new QueryCriteria(criteria); countQuery.setFirstResult(QueryCriteria.NO_INDEX); countQuery.setMaxResults(QueryCriteria.NO_INDEX); countQuery.setResultType(Results.rowCount()); countQuery.removeOrder(); return txn.countObjectsByQuery(countQuery); } catch (Exception e) { AesLogImpl.getInstance().error3(AesLog.LOG_CONFIG, CONFIGURATION_SERVICE, "getObjectCount", e); ...