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i am geting the following errot when i am tryinh to run my j2ee projrct. the same project was working before and i started geting this exception now. i am sure that all ...

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i have this POJO mapped to my MySQL database:

@Table(name = "participantespresentes", catalog = "tagit")
public class Participantespresentes implements java.io.Serializable {

    private ParticipantespresentesId id;
    private Evento evento;

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Hi I am trying to devlope a simple application to store employee details using hibernate2.1/tomcat4.1/Oracle9i. I am getting the below error. User enters thr emp details in a simple html. On submission control goes to a JSP. Java bean contains the hibernate related code. based on result status (success/failure) is notified to user. I am using HibernateUtil.java to manage sessions (open/close). ...