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I'm getting the following exception when saving an object:

Found shared references to a collection
Does anyone know what this means?

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I m getting the error 'Operator '=' incompatible with operand types 'Boolean' and 'String'' when i m trying to filtering the data in the grid with datetime column. i m using ...

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I have 3 tables: Employee {PK: EmployeeId, name, lastname} Project {PK: ProjectId, name, description} EmployeebyProject {PK:EmployeeId :int, PK:ProjectId :Project, DateBegin :int, DateEnd : DateTime} I need make some CRUD's in this table. for now I ...

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Hi all, I am trying to execute the following query in hql: string query = "SELECT task FROM " + "Tasks as task INNER JOIN " + "(SELECT MAX(grpTask.CreationDate) as MaxDate,grpTask.Process.Id as ProcessId FROM Tasks AS grpTask " + "WHERE grpTask.Process.CreatedBy='" + userName + "' " + "GROUP BY grpTask.Process.Id) AS groupResult " + "ON (task.Process.Id=groupResult.ProcessId AND task.CreationDate=groupResult.MaxDate)"; but am getting ...