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1. Insert fails when trying to retrieve the inserted row

I have an entity whose id is a generated GUID in a SQL Server db (it's a third-party db for which I can't change the schema) and the field is defined ...

2. Unnecessary fetch on insert

3. Cannot Retrieve Inserted Record- Any Help Higly Appreciated

I am trying to retrieve a record from a table based on date. The insertion was successful but i cannot retrieve the record using the date column. I have done a lot of debugging read the documentation and searched this forum but i could not figure out. Hibernate version: 3.0.1 Mapping documents:

4. how to retrieve the inserted record primary key value

[....] try { [...] tx.commit(); } catch (HibernateException e) { // <----------------- INSERT ERROR log.error("Argh ! Error occurred while creating object " + pobject + ": " + e); } finally ...

5. unwanted fetching when inserting

Hibernate: /* get current state com.west.mds.caselaw.TcProviderLookup */ select tcprovider_.TC_PROVIDER_CODE, tcprovider_.TC_PROVIDER_NAME as TC2_18_ from MACHV.TC_PROVIDER_LOOKUP tcprovider_ where tcprovider_.TC_PROVIDER_CODE=? ...