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1. Paging and one-to-many associations fetching

We have a relation Object(one)-Attributes(many) and we would like to display page by page the objects along with the associated attributes. Doing a fetch join would load the attributes, eliminate duplicates using a LinkedHashMap we are able to display correctly the data. But if the data set is large displaying all objects in a page is not an option. If we ...

2. many-to-many : how to fetch only a few nodes (pagination)

Hi everybody, I got this many-to-many bidirectional association: EVENT <-> EVENT_CATEGORY <-> CATEGORY So basically I would like to get some events from the category x, and get the categories of the event y. I do it like this in Category.hbm.xml : Code:

3. Fetching large number of records without using pagination

Hi, I would like to fetch almost 1,000 rows from a single table using simple HQL query like select a,b from abc table. But when i try to do so it taking almost 20 sec to populate it. And my aim is to reduce it to within 5 sec . Can you please suggest me on this and explain me in ...