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1. HIbernate fetch join issuing additional sql statements

Consider the following Parent class that has two ManyToOne references.

@Table(name = "PARENT")
public class Parent {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 3730163805206219313L;

@SequenceGenerator(name = "SEQ#PARENT", sequenceName = "SEQ#PARENT", allocationSize = 1)
@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE, ...

2. Appending 'FOR FETCH ONLY' to DB2/400 select statement

Hi all, We have a requirement that we need to append 'FOR FETCH ONLY' on select statements on the iSeries (DB2/400). I figure the way I need to do this is to extend the DB2400Dialect in some way, but looking at the source, its not clear to me how this should be done. Would anyone be able to point me in ...

3. How can i retrieve the "CREATE TABLE" statements f

Hibernate version: 3 hello, i am new to hibernate and need help for a (at least i hope) quite simple problem. at the moment i am developing a hibernate based application that integrates itself into a running database environment. it uses some of the already existing tables and needs to add a few new ones. so i need my application to ...