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1. How to properly express JPQL "join fetch" with "where" clause as JPA 2 CriteriaQuery?

Consider the following JPQL query:

SELECT foo FROM Foo foo
WHERE bar.baz = :baz
I'm trying to translate this into a Critieria query. This is as far as I have ...

2. can't use left join fetch since I am using 'with' clause.

qry = session.createQuery("from DealSynopsisHistory dh" + " left join dh.personCreateBy cb" + " with cb.startTime <= :asOfDate" ...

3. from clause fetch join

I have query like this select user from User user left join fetch user.Group.roles where user.userId = :pk When there are no associations to roles in the database from group to roles , I end up getting a LazyInitializationException . I specified that the roles should be lazy loaded in the Group mapping file . If I uses lazy loading with ...

5. How can we Achieve FETCH ONLY 'N' Clause functionality in HB

HI ALL, I have to fetch n records from a table. But that n is a dynamic parameter i am passing to the query. How will do this in Hibernate. My requirement is like FETCH ONLY N clause in DB2. Please help me out its an urgent requirement for me. Regards, Sreenivasula Reddy A

7. HQL Select clause guarantees eager fetch of selected entity?

Hi, Is the part selected in an HQL query guaranteed to be eager fetched/hydrated or do I need to use fetch join semantic to enforce this ? party is a many-to-one relationship with lazy load enabled by default. The following query will return fully initialized objects. select distinct from ProductSalesLocationImpl psl where psl.product = :product and psl.typeCd = :typeCd However ...