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1. How can i tell Hibernate not to fetch files from internet

Hello, i use hibernate, and it tries to download the XSD definition used from an persistance.xml file. The persistance.xml looks like:

2. Using Hibernate Query, how to fetch xml file nodes?

Hi, I am using Hibernate. I am trying to solve the below problem using Hibernate query. i have two fields one id, and xml data. i want to solve the problem using hibernate query. i have a xml like this . This record is stored in database. My question is can ...

3. how to retrieve an XML file from Database which is BLOB type

Hi, Currently i am storing an Xml file as blob in my Mysql database using hibernate. I am using createBlob method to convert my Xml file to blob type. I need to know whether there is any method like this to retrive an XML file again from database which is in Blob type.Need to retrive the XML file from database.Any sample ...